7.0.0-nightly crashes with valid version 6 layout file; debug output?

The question might not be related to nightly, but that’s where I have the problem, so I thought that I would add that title to the post.

In short, I have a PCB that I can edit in version 6, and everything is fine. However, when I try to open it in version 7, then after a couple of seconds pause, KiCAD crashes. I can open the schematic editor, the problem is related to the layout. However, since the software crashes, I have absolutely no indication as to what could go wrong.

Is there a way to start KiCAD from the command line, and let it print out debug messages?

Post the file and description of the issue to the Issue tracker by choosing “Help”->Report a Bug from the KiCad menu in your v7 install

You can create an archive of your project to help the developers fix the issue. This is accessible from File->Archive Project

Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, the file is confidential, I can’t really disclose the details. That’s why I was hoping that I could provide useful input by capturing the debug messages.

What I could, perhaps, do, is strip the file of everything that is not really relevant, and post that. Let me see if I can do that.

Seth, I think I’ve found the root cause. In my layout, I have a string on the front silk screen that uses substitutions like

${COMPANY} 2022

These are defined in the text variables of the board, and are expanded properly in version 6. If I remove the string there, then I can open the file in version 7. If I leave it, then version 7 crashes. The string and the edge cuts are the only thing in the file, so I’m pretty confident that this is the reason.

Do you still want me to upload the file to the bug tracker?

Yes, it still makes it a lot quicker for us to track it down when we don’t have to create test files.

BTW, you can mark the bug as “confidential” (see the controls in the right-hand side-bar) so that only the reporter and lead KiCad developers can see it.

OK, I’ll do that. Thanks, Jeff!

Just to be exact: and those who are trusted and have special privileges because they are issue database janitors.

However, if you can create a small test project that you do not have to keep confidential, then it’s both easier to manage for the developers, and more of them have the ability to work on it.

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