7.0.0-nightly - Basic shape polygon preview field doesnt work?

In Footprint editor → Pad properties → Custom shape primitives → Add primitive → Basic shape polygon, there is the black field on the right with the red dot and blue crosshair, that doesnt do anything.
I had expected a preview of the shape, based on the coordinates I input on the left.

Does anyone get something in this field, or what is the intention with it?

It’s the same for me. I can enter the coordinates, but it does not show in the preview.

When I look at any of the other primitives that can be added:

… then none of them have a preview window at all. My best guess is that this is an area that is just not finished yet. Right now the focus is on getting V7.0.0-rc1 into a state that is fit for the general public.

The editing of the primitives in this is also a bit of a loose end. The normal way is to select a pad, press [Ctrl + e] to enter the Pad Edit Mode, and then just draw lines, polygons and other things from the regular Place menu.

I was wondering, because it looks like the simiar functionality is already implemented in the Pad Properties window shown behind in your screenshot. So it must have been that they gave up on the final strech, so to speak…

Please report it, the behaviour now is confusing

It has issue #13557.

Actually it’s an area that is basically deprecated and will likely be removed in a future version. The preferred way to add/edit custom pad shapes is through the new Pad Edit Mode (Ctrl+E when a pad is selected, then place shapes overlapping the pad, then Ctrl+E a second time)

But it’s also now fixed (thanks to JP).

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In tonights nightly, which includes the fix c4ccf46c from Jean-Pierre Charras, it shows the outline and corners of the polygon, which is a significant improvement.

The line width and filling still doesn’t show, though. The lines are always the same width in this preview, regardless if you change it, and the inside of the polygon is empty even if filling is checked.