6 pin and 7 pin din sockets 3d shape


i’m missing a 6 pin and 7 pin din socket 3d shape… are they included in kicad? or am i just out of luck on that one?

Hi can you please supply a datasheet or drawing?

i found the 5 pin here: http://smisioto.no-ip.org/kicad_libs/modules/mod_conn_av.zip

but google did not help me on the other 2

but i dont trust google and it could easyly be that they where included in kicad without me able to find them

will find the drawings/datasheet for the other 2

7 pin: https://docs-emea.rs-online.com/webdocs/1579/0900766b81579bce.pdf

6 pin: https://docs-emea.rs-online.com/webdocs/1579/0900766b81579bcc.pdf

btw… are there any card slot edge connectors included with kicad?

i have trouble finding one like this:

@Bo_Herrmannsen if you cannot find 3d models or footprints included with KiCad, sometimes manufacturers will supply either separate 3d models and/or ultra librarian files that can be exported to kicad file formats using a free tool.

You might also be able to find 3d models online in places like grabcad.

For the card edge connector, if the footprint is not included in the official libraries, you might want to create your own footprint for the connector you select. This way you can use the exact connector you want, instead of being limited to what is provided by KiCad.

As you start working with more esoteric parts, you will find that the official KiCad libraries, while quite useful, can be lacking components that you need so it is a good idea to learn how to create both schematic symbols and pcb footprints by hand.


well it’ts only the 3d shapes i miss and i dont have the mindset to create them

but i guess there was a reason behind @Shack asked for the datasheets?

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