6.99 Nightly bug - schematic arc inverts when plotting

I think I’ve found another quirk - sorry for not reporting this on Gitlab, but I visit this forum pretty much every day anway for any interesting tips/news and I can receive feedback here first. Also, I’ve noticed (just observing, and complimenting - not expecting :wink: ) that some simple bugs have been fixed within an hour of reporting, suggesting the time it takes for me to write a properly documented bug report on Gitlab takes far longer.

Mirroring the attached polarized capacitor symbol about its length axis, and plotting the schematic to pdf or svg, results in the arc in the symbol becoming ‘inverted’? The complementary arc is drawn? A picture says a thousand words :slight_smile:

Regular printing appears to be unaffected.

cp_v.kicad_sym (2.7 KB)

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While some devs visit this forum, bugs have to be reported in the bug tracker.
Which I did.


Which makes reporting here another valid choice. :wink:


I see where you’re heading. But then, tasks should get done and it’s not my business to educate people. (Well, my 35 year old son might witness otherwise…:sweat_smile:)

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