6.99 Fonts - From the OS or part of KiCad?

Now that it’s possible to change fonts in schematics and board layouts in 6.99, where are these fonts taken from, the OS or “baked into KiCad”? I ask as I have some fonts installed in the OS that don’t show up. (Windows 10 64bit)

If the fonts are part of KiCad how would I add more? Is that even possible?

The new fonts are taken from the system. Please open an issue report for missing ones

They are system fonts, the same you would use another programs on that system (those which don’t handle their own fonts, i.e. most of them).

There was discussion about that, I squeezed out an answer from the developers that it should be possible to add support for fonts from font files which are not system fonts, but it wasn’t high priority.

OK, Seth beat me to it but I’ll publish the post anyway… And I’ll create an issue.

EDIT: sorry, I thought about using external fonts, not missing system fonts.

2nd EDIT: Use font from any font file (not just system fonts) (#10655) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab for using any font from a font file.

Can you check the font files, are they in the same format than the other system fonts? They should be in C:\Windows\fonts.

I was a bit vague in my initial post sorry. KiCad shows a lot of fonts, just not one I have added. I do at least now know that KiCad is using the system fonts; that is what I was hoping.

I’ve looked in C:\Windows\fonts and the font that is missing in Kicad is there. Specifically it is a Google font called Prompt, Google Fonts

It shows up in Windows font settings and I have been using it for some time in the usual suspects, Word, Excel, etc

I wonder what’s different about it?

I’ve created 6.99 - Missing system font (#10656) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

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