6.0 Route Track seems less intuitive

Been using Kicad for awhile now, and I just upgraded from version 5 to 6. It was immediately obvious to me that the “Route Track” command has changed and become much less intuitive than it has been, to the point where it’s frustrating. Just talking about single ended tracks. The two things I notice are: When I left click, it used to lock the track and create a bend where I click. Now, it seems to lock the track further up the track at the previous bend, causing me to have to click sometimes up to 2-3 extra clicks to get a simple bend where I am clicking, which causes me to sometimes overclick and “exit” the route command, meaning I have to click even more to restart the track. The other thing I notice is that it is not as good at tracking my mouse movements to guesstimate which direction a bend should turn, often getting “stuck” trying to bend it in the wrong direction.

Just curious if anyone else feels this way, or if there’s settings that can get me back to feeling like Version 5.

Interactive Router Settings → Fix all segments on click

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