6.0 How to set path for User Libraries?

(Lubuntu 20.04 LTS)
I have my (5.1) user libraries for eeschema stored in $HOME/.local/share/kicad/library

To do a full change to KiCAD 6.0, I’d like to store the new .kicad_sym files in
$HOME/.local/share/kicad/6.0/symbols or $HOME/.local/share/kicad/symbols instead.
However, 6.0 does not offer an environment variable for this, and the “Configure Paths” option also brings no joy.
Any suggestions?

Or does 6.0 have a completely different philosophy?

I will leave this to @jmk who doubtless will write a good explanation. I just want to state a key fact everyone should be cognizant of. Environment variables do not cause a particular directory to be looked at for libraries. They are not search paths, in the sense that Linux users have been used to. Environment variables are a convenience for storing strings that are used as prefixes to libraries, also to accomodate people who work across multiple platforms where the paths take different forms. Think of them as string substitutions.


Close Kicad.
Using your OS, move or copy your personal libraries to wherever you want then open kicad and use your “Manage Symbols Libraries” to find the libraries and add them to your library list.
You will have to use the “migrate libraries” button for each of your schematic libraries to convert them to 6. Footprint libraries need no conversion so there is no button for “migrate libraries”.

6 works exactly the same as 5.


You both are the best! :smiley:
I had to delete the old libraries and install them again from the new location, but no problem.
It runs…


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