5mm spacing Screw terminal footprint

I am beginner in kicad layout. I am using screw terminal in my design and i am almost final the schematic. I was assigning footprint to symbols.

But i didn’t find the footprint for 5mm spacing footprint.
there is no 3d view of the component only footprint is available. So, i m confuse little while selecting the proper one.
following is the one i m looking for…

try TerminalBlock “bornier”

do make sure if you want 5.08 mm (200mil) spacing (quite common) or actually 5mm (maybe less common?)

I would not say that metric spacing is less common. It however depends on the distributor. (Phoenix has both.)

Additionally the pin pitch is not the only measurment to check. Such parts can have quite different body sizes and lead positions relative to the body. The lead diameters differ widly as well.

So check the footprint against the data sheet of the part you intent to use.

Useful faq articles:

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