[5.99] what are pdbs.zip files?

I’ve noticed the nightlys have a companion file xxxxxx-pdbs.zip

What might these be and do I need to / should install them somewhere?

I’m using the lite version as I have the V6 libraries already downloaded.


They contain pdb files. It’s that case where if you have to ask what they are you don’t need to worry about them, it’s for devs.

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The PDB files may also be useful for enterprising non-devs who want to help debug tricky issues: By using them along with WinDbg, you can get full stack traces and other debugging information without needing to install Visual Studio.

We do not currently have any documentation or resources to show people how to do this, so for the moment it’s “if you know what they are and how to use them” as qu1ck says, but in the future I expect we’ll have some guide to how to use them for “power testers” who are testing nightlies on Windows.

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