5.99 Spice model setup minor problem (minor bug)

This is a small problem. In the Spice model setting, if a component is set to “.SUBCKT”, when the model file is changed, the Spice_Primitive option setting cannot be synchronized to update the type.

For example, use a diode to set up a model file containing “sub-circuit”, and its Spice_Primitive is set to “X”. Then set it up again with a diode model file and reset to diode. However, the content of Spice_Primitive will not be updated to “D”, causing the simulation operation to fail because it cannot find “.SUBCKT”.

You need to manually change “X” to “D” to perform the simulation operation correctly.

I can reproduce. Please report a bug here: https://gitlab.com/groups/kicad/-/issues

The problem has already been reported.

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