5.99 PCBNew - single operation to select track possible?

In 5.1 I can hover over track segment and hit “U” to select track - all in a single operation.
In 5.99 it does not work, I have to select a segment first with a click, and then hit “u” to expand my selection.
Is it intentional or regression?
At least I did use this handy shortcut.

My most used shortcut to add components on a schematic was to hover over the nearest resistor, capacitor or power symbol and press c for copy.

In KiCad V5.99 this has changed to:

  • Click on a schematic symbol to select it.
  • Use [Ctrl + D] to duplicate.

I also just noticed what fred4u describes. I have not done serious work with V5.99 but the loss of this function adds a load of extra mouse clicks to a PCB design.

These one key shortcuts were a joy to use


Same for me. I was using the “c” over a schematic item all the time.

Please bring it back.

Perhaps you know but, worth mentioning…

You can Change the Hotkey’s

Open a Schematic, Pref’s>Hot_Keys, Double-Click the one to change and get a Pop-Up

Hi Blackcoffee,
I think they don’t (only) want to change the hotkey.
In 5.1.x you can hover over a part and press “c”
In 5.99 you must click on that part to select it and then pres “ctrl-D”

It is the need to select the part with a click before copying it what they complaint about. Or this is what I infer.

This is a bug, it’s on the dev team’s radar


I’m glad it’s on the radar.
Some of the special snowflakes are worth preserving.

Just curious which key it will get.
Both the “copy” and “duplicate” entries work only on selections according to the shortcut key list, and on top of that, the whole alphabet is already assigned:

I wasn’t talking about adding new hotkeys, just fixing the issue where some of them aren’t working in “immediate mode” where you just hover over something that isn’t selected and hit the hotkey.

Maybe update the descriptions for the keys that also (should) work in “immediate mode”?

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