5.99 (or 6.0) appimage?

Just wondering why the nightly builds on cern (https://kicad-downloads.s3.cern.ch/index.html?prefix=appimage/nightly/) stopped around jan 2019.

It seems there are no appimages being build for the dev version, only windows?


See “My operating system or distribution isn’t listed!” in https://kicad.org/download/. If someone doesn’t volunteer for maintaining some packages they are not maintained.

Yes, I have read that. It seems Cern was actively building them then stopped and I wondered why. Perhaps it was some volunteer effort which is no longer happening.

The hosting at CERN is just that: hosting. We upload files to the server and maintain the files that exist there.

To support a nightly build of any given distribution, we need someone to develop and maintain a CI/CD script for it.

I did not realize they were hosting only.

Thank you for explaining.

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