5.99 (Nightly) grammar and punctuation issue

I’ve noticed a few inconsistencies in Preferences/ Preferences/ Hotkeys.

Some of the Commands have an ellipsis (the three dots following the last word) and others do not.
Some of the command Descriptions are written in 1st person singular and others are in 3rd person singular. eg. delete and deletes.
I also noticed a superfluous “s” and a missing full stop (period) at the end of an abbreviated word.

Are these issues which should be reported at this time or should they be left dormant 'till closer to release time for V6 (I’m assuming proof reading has yet to be carried out)?

EDIT: I sincerely hope I’m not insulting anyone with my assumption about proof reading :worried:

This shouldn’t insult anyone, the team is international and I believe those who have written the strings know well if they don’t have (the?) native speaker instinct or skill. I have written UI strings for another software and was painfully aware of my shortcomings, hoping that someone would fix my mistakes.

Please report all UI string problems. The developers can decide when to fix them.

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The ellipses following the string indicates the action opens a dialog, so not all actions will have them.

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Thankyou @imcinerney,

I’ll be able to sleep at nights now, knowing the dots are deliberate. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the rest, I’ll have to dive into Gitlab, I suppose. I hope that learning curve is not too steep.

For what it’s worth, I’m really impressed with 5.99.
Accolades to all those involved in its creation!!!

I couldn’t let this thread die without passing comment on the development team.

Having read in a thread that 5.99/6 release is almost imminent, I decided I’d better make an effort and dive into gitlab to report the very minor problems I had noticed with the language.
First though, I decided I’d better download a newer “nightly” and just check.

To my amazement and astonishment, I found that someone had already taken the trouble to correct those problems… those menial, almost insignificant problems.

Congratulations Development Team, I’m seriously impressed!!!

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