[5.99] Is it possible to make Vcc and Vdd standalone for units that have multiple Pins [solved]

Was wondering if there is a method of creating a schematic symbol where the power and ground pins are not connected to any symbol in a multi-part IC?

I will respond with a question…mainly to get clarification that might help someone else give you a good answer. Do you mean that you want the Vcc and Vdd pins to be shown as individual floating pins?

I think you are proposing a multi part symbol (like a dual opamp) neither unit of which has power /gnd.

Yes this can be done.

The dual opamp would have units A & B (single opamp) and unit C which is only power & gnd.

Look at the libs for 7400 logic and multipart analog devices.

If you’re a new user, Creating the symbol may be a challenge. See here. (Start Here) Frequently Asked Questions

Also see

Kinda. I think floating pins would be confusing. Perhaps an additional symbol with only power pins…

Now that I’ve said that, I think the additional symbol is doable and what I was looking for.
And @iaberry described the same

To clarify…
I have a 74HC125 (4 buffers)
Each symbol looks like
Except the “A” portion has the power connections

If I redid the symbol but had a 5th buffer symbol with only the power pins that would answer my request.

I agree (although this is not a matter of opinion.)

I’ve seen the unit with only power & gnd use a simple square block for the body. It won’t be confused with an additional functional unit.


The official library already has a 74LS125 symbol with separate supply pins. Take a look at it.


I see the LS125 version. Exactly what I was think of.

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

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