5.99 eeschema - selecting a Wire

In 5.99, I’m drawing a block diagram for a hierarchical design. The WIRE initially draws in Green, for a high power signal I’d like it to be Red and I’d like that to be in a single operation.

If I select a wire segment, then do “Highlight Net”, it appears to select the entire wire (it turns corners) as expected. ‘E’ pops up the Edit window where I can change line width and color. Entering OK applies the edit ONLY to the initially selected segment, rather than the entire net.

A block select is not an option as there are other wires within the block.


I think the proper way to color a net is to create a net class (File / Schematic setup / Project / Net classes) and apply it to the wire(s) you need.

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Yeah, using netclasses will be much easier to edit.

The problem with Highlight Net is that highlighting is different from selection. We don’t currently have a “select net” in Eeschema.

“Select Net” is what i was expecting (hoping) as a side effect of Highlight Net.

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