5.99 DRC rules - silkscreen

I am using one of the Phoenix MC pluggable screw terminal right angle headers and have positioned it so it is slightly protruding from the edge of the board to avoid the situation where proper insertion of the female plug is prevented by interference of the board edge with the female plug. I am receiving a “silkscreen clipped by solder mask” DRC error because the silkscreen that depicts the outline of the header extends beyond the board edge. Is there a way to write a custom rule to exclude this error?

There is no need to create a custom rule for this.
Just run DRC, then right click on the error that offends you and select “Exclude this Violation”

Ahhh! Sweet, that works. Thank you! :slight_smile:

It was a direct response to your question, but it’s not a very neat option.

You can also select the connector, then press [Ctrl + e] to load it in the footprint editor and just delete or shorten those silkscreen lines.

It would be better to make a custom variation of the connector with the silkscreen on board

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