5.99 DRC rule with zero clearance

I encountered an issue with the DRC rules in 5.99 and I am wondering if what I attempted to do is allowed. I attempted the following rule:

(version 1)

(rule “WEARTAP uVia to inner graphic line”
(layer “In1.Cu”)
(condition “A.NetClass == ‘weartap’ && A.isMicroVia() && B.Type == ‘Graphic Shape’”)
(constraint clearance (min 0.0mm))

The purpose of the rule is to allow a line on an inner layer of a footprint. I manually edited the layer of the line in the footprint to In1.Cu. When I run the DRC, I generate a violation (seen in the attached screenshot below). The rule constraint is set to 0.0mm and the actual distance is 0.0mm but the DRC still flags a violation. Are rules with zero clearance allowed?

If you set the constraint to less than 0, this rule should work.


Thank you, that worked like a charm. :smiley:

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Is that documented anywhere?

I think it’s not. The feature itself was added after some forum discussion. @craftyjon may be interested in adding it to the official documentation. There could also be an example allowing overlapping in the Syntax Help.

Updated in documentation