5.99 DRC constraint for via diameter and hole/drill

Is there a constraint for via diameter and via hole in the 5.99 DRC rules? There is a via “diameter” and via “drill” property for expressions but I could not determine how to apply a constraint to a via diameter or via drill/hole.

How do you want to constrain those values? I mean, there are minimum values for via diameter even in the old UI, so give a more exact example what you want to do. But here’s how you can constrain the hole size and annular ring width (there seems to be no “diameter”):

(rule vias
(condition "A.Type == 'via'")
(constraint hole_size (min 0.8mm))
(constraint annular_width (min 0.9mm))

via_diameter. (Did it not make it into the syntax help?)

Yes, I noticed that. The minimum diameter in the standard constraints is a global setting. So, if you want to set a constraint for a layer, it doesn’t appear you can do so. You can constrain the hole size and annular width but not the diameter. Was wondering if there was another constraint that would constrain the diameter.

Ahhh … should have tried that. Thank you :smiley:

It is missing from the help and the online doc.

Actually, that does not appear to work, it throws the following error:

ERROR: Unrecognized item 'via_diameter'. Expected clearance, hole_clearance, edge_clearance, hole_size, hole_to_hole, courtyard_clearance, silk_clearance, track_width, annular_width, disallow, length, skew, diff_pair_gap or diff_pair_uncoupled..
(rule "CUSTOM via size"
	(layer inner)
	(condition "A.isBlindBuriedVia()")
	(constraint via_diameter (min 0.3mm))

Yeah, it’s missing from the parser too (which is probably why it didn’t get into the syntax help).

If you log a bug I’ll fix it in the next day or two. If you don’t log a bug I’ll probably still remember, but no guarantees…

hahahaha, no problem, I’ll post it on gitlab.

Done. Issue #9041


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