[5.99] Can Symbols be created with each "gate" a separate entity on the schematic?

Is the below “feature” possible in Kicad?

In TinyCAD I could create a gate (or section) symbol and the gates would each be an entity suffixed by A,B,C…N

For instance take the LM339 quad comparator:
The symbol would be setup defining a comparator primitive with Inputs + and - and an output.

The A section will have pins 4,5 & 2
The B section will have pins 6,7 & 1

This way one could swap comparator assignments in a circuit by simply changing from A to B or B to C etc.

Probably a poor explanation but I hope folks can get the idea.

Unit A of the LM339 has pins 5, 4 and 2:

So if you want to do something similar, then start by copying it to a personal library.

Thanks :slight_smile:

After I posted I found a youtube video of how to do it. I think all I needed is to know was “could it be done” After that I was motivated to find it in the symbol program.

Oddly enough, up to know I’ve not had to use a multi part device so I never saw one in the library.

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