[5.1.5 jenkins] VIA ignore "safety boundary"

I’m on the 5.1.5 latest “Jenkins” build.
Not sure if it was like that before, but there is a case where the Interactive router disturbs my work.
The scenario:
I’m routing a track in “Highlight collision” IR mode. If I get my track close enough to the “colliding net” (minimum spacing) there is a Yellow boundary box drawn with indicates I’m on the limits, and the router prevents from accidentally getting closer. Great!
BUT: if I use a VIA tool (V hotkey) to place a VIA, the Router attempts to “snap to collision” (“jumps” the via close enough to colliding net that these nets go into collision). This makes it very cumbersome to place VIAs in busy areas, with many track/vias/pads routed before.
What should happen IMO is that the router should allow to move the VIA freely (respecing the grid) within the unoccupied area, and then “prevent it” going further when positioned at the limit boundaries of VIA clearance.
Another strange thing (bug?) closely related is, that this behaviour depends on whether I’m on a Top or Back layer. If I route on the Back layer and press V to put a VIA, the VIA just goes without any snapping over the Front layer items (of course, collisions are highlighted). But once I’m on Front, the weird erroneous snapping takes place. This is inconsistent since a regular VIA belongs to all Layers.
Any known bug reports on the Github, fellow KiCad’ers?

Try keeping Shift key pressed down while moving the via to be placed.

Holding the SHIFT does not seem to have any effect on the behavior…

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