5.1.4 coming soon (5.1.3 got skipped because of a bug)


I am currently running the “Debian Stable package” kicad 5.0.2 under 64-bit Debian 10 buster

If I upgrade to the "Debian Stable Backports package kicad 5.1.4 mentioned on http://kicad-pcb.org/download/debian/ with apt, will it overwrite 5.0.2 ? Should I care ? Is 5.1.4 still considered beta? I am guessing no since the webpage reads “the latest series 5 stable release of KiCad”. Perhaps I should look at the bug-fixes webpage before upgrading? Do I need to make changes to my 5.0.2 projects manually in order to get them to work w/ 5.1.4 ?

Right. 5.1.4 is surely more stable than 5.0.2.

5.1 have only user interface or comparable functionality changes compared to 5.0, projects are compatible both ways. That’s how the major version is defined in KiCad project - all v5 projects are compatible, v6 will break the compatibility.

No, 5.1.4 is the current official and supported release

5.0.2 is deprecated, with pages of known bugs since fixed

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Okay, I just upgraded debian buster to kicad 5.1.4 according to the instructions at https://backports.debian.org/Instructions/
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Now I can try my hand at push ‘n’ shove routing, or whatever you call it.

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