[5.1.4] Any way to disable DRC for Shove mode

Is there any way to disable DRC in Shove mode?
Sometimes DRC gets into my way if I try to “cleanup” an area using Shove, but have DRC violation somewhere else on my board, on the same trace. I mean, I’m working over an area, but far far away on other side of the board there’s unresolved issue (to work on it later) which prevents me from using shove (if I push onto affected trace the Shove stops, if I try to move it, it “springs back”).

No. KiCad uses the DRC clearance rules to determine when to shove tracks and where to place them. So disabling DRC means disabling shove actions.


So now it’s kind of Catch 22 if you have more than one DRC violation… you just can’t fix things as the other violation prevents current one from being fixed :slight_smile:

Actually you’ve got point… The P&S could be made more ‘local’ - currently it operates on entire tracks (track = polyline between any fanout points - vias, pads, track crossings). Let’s see what we could do about this :wink:



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