5.0.1 hanging on Windows

I’ve been using Kicad 5.0.1 on Windows 10 for less than 24 hours, but it has hung on me twice so far while using Pcbnew. In both cases, I was moving a part from off the board onto the board, and before I placed the part down, it hung. I was probably zooming in when it happened. Anyone else have this issue?

Please raise a bug report. If repeatable, this would be a critical bug


I have tried to copy this and nothing breaks

You have to give exact information about your system, OS (and how KiCad was installed if not in the standard way).

The OP did say Windows 10, that does leave 32 vs 64 bit and 32 bit always ends up being under tested.

It’s also possible, although very improbable, that the graphics card and drivers are relevant. Other kinds of bugs have been due to certain hardware/drivers. Usually it causes visual problems.

I’m running the 64 bit version that I installed over 5.0 rc3. I’ve been running in the fallback mode, but did switch to accelerated possibly after the crash.

The crash didn’t happen very quickly, more like 5 hours of operation. I posted to see if anyone else is having the same problem or if I’m the unlucky one, so I haven’t raised a bug report yet.

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Please, please, please, report all crashes.

If KiCad crashes, it’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Period. There’s nothing that you can do to the program, no matter how unique your computer and/or workflow is, that should cause a crash. As long as you are within the supported systems limits (https://kicad.org/help/system-requirements/), we want to make sure it’s running smoothly and definitely without crashes.

If it crashes, tell us. Please. If you don’t, then it will always take longer to fix the issue.


(I try to short cut formal bug report, and do it here for now)
5.0.1-3 also crash on me:
After re-read netlist, “M” to try to move component, “ESC” to cancel, then “M” on other component --> hang…

Also, the pcbnew netlist read dialog have inconsistent filter. For example, for no error read. The message show difference for (only Error, and Action checked), or (Only Action checked).

Then the bug isn’t reported to the developers. Please use the method that they have requested to report bugs, this is so they can track them and make sure the error is corrected, and different developers (not necessarily the ones here on this forum) can ask you specific, pointed questions on the bug tracker to help narrow down what the actual bug is based on your symptoms.

When you are injured, do you go to the intake desk where they have the proper tools and procedures to find the correct help for you? Or do you go to the hospital cafeteria hoping to accidentally run into a doctor that specializes in the injury that you are suffering?

Now (getting away from my analogy because it breaks down here…), this forum can be a good place to make sure what one is experiencing is an actual bug and not operator error, and to make sure you aren’t unique in experiencing the bug (which might be an environment issue).


If you can find a repeatable way of triggering a crash, please report it. I have had several 5.0.1-x crashes, but cannot find a pattern.

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@davidsrsb What current version are you using?

I’m trying to decide whether or not to use my data allowance on a newer version.

Please report the crashes. The bug tracker is your short cut. Either it’s a new issue and you are a saint among humans for taking the time to help others with your report, or we already know your issue and can fix it or we will help you find out how to avoid the issue.

We don’t bite and we are generally nice.

In your case, it sounds like https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1798460

Please test the version listed in the report as fixing the issue. If it doesn’t, please tell us.

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I think I can repeat them with my current design file. I will try to save current image in the repo - then figure out free time to go about it formally.

Thank @Seth_h, this would be the great start for me when I do formal report. I think this it the reason I start from this forum too. To not crowding the bug report, and take time to formalize it.

Version 5.0.1-3
@Seth_h, @davidsrsb: I think I can repeat the issue now:


  1. PCBNew maximize windows (normal windows seem to not repeatable)
  2. My kicad_pcb file have not been routed, only components read from Netlist (I hope some one else try with their own data to see if it repeatable ,and independent on data file.

Step to hanging:

  1. Try to move some component with “M”
    2. While under “M” command, keep the mouse move around, and do zoom in, zoom out with the mouse rotary wheel util pcbnew hang.

Look to me it have to do with windows been maximized. Because, if I never maximize the windows, it seem to not hang at all/or harder (more move, and zoom operations to get it hang).

Version 5.0.1-4 - also hang the same way.
Version 6.0.0-rc1-dev-1229 is work well (I cannot make it hang! :wink: )

I cannot make a recent 5.0.2 pre-release crash using this method.

cannot access your link. But i think i had to wait after holiday to try with the BIG srceen…

So far, I try 6.0.0 (the lastest build nov/20) and it very well allow me doing “simple” layout operation. With 5.0.1-4/3 I have not able to do any good layout operation with my design at all.