4xxx Symbols confused about layout

I am new to electronics and new to KiCad so please forgive my lack of understand.

I am trying to use a symbol for a 4049 Hex Buffer but in the library, there are none that have the 16 pins I was expecting. They are very odd and have two pins. The actual 4049 chip is a DIP16 IC chip. I don’t see how this will work in a schematic or PCB?

I do notice they have parts A-G so are you supposed to just insert all of them separately represent the 16 pin IC chip?


Yes that is correct. Each section will have different pins. The “G” section will be the Power and Ground pins.

If you are planning on designing a board you will have to put all the sections on the schematic even though you may not use them.
For unconnected pins place an X (see tools on the right side of your screen.

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Thank you! This helps.


How do you give those 6 separate symbols a single DIP16 pin footprint ?

As long as they are all annotated with the same IC number, KiCAD should understand they all belong to a single footprint.

Also, when you have ‘glue logic’ ICs with multiple sections, when you end up with unused sections, it is good design practice to ground the input of these unused sections and leave their outputs unconnected.

Also, when you get to the PCB layout stage, plan on the possibility of swapping the specific sub-symbols around to simplify layout (and even which input leads go to which pins).


Like this example following

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Hello @RolliePollie

Meterman2026 was being polite and subtle with his comments about 4XXX ICs.

Unused inputs of these various chips absolutely MUST be tied high or low (doesn’t matter which), even when breadboarding, otherwise the ICs have a habit of self-destructing.


Because it has a single U# (i.e. U2A, U2B…U2G) when in the schematic to package screen it will show up as simply U2 and expect some sort of 16 pin package because the schematic for U2 has 16 pins.

The novice mistake is to have U2A, U3A, U4A… etc
Using 1/6 of each part
Placing a part and then copying it actually causes this basic error in 5.1.10