4067 Symbol wrong

KiCad 6.05 release
The 4067 schematic symbol in 4xxx_IEEE has wrong pins
From A0 to A11 it’s fine, the following pins are wrong
Q12 (why now Q?) Pin 14, correct is 19. Pin 14 is A2!
A13 Pin 19, correct is 18
A14 Pin 18, correct is 17
A15 Pin 17, correct is 16

Indeed. Can you open an issue on the bug tracker here: Issues · KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Symbols · GitLab

The CDHC4067 symbol is correct and uses “I”
Raise an issue as @gkeeth said

Its already there, dormant for a year

Seems it’s not that relevant…

Ahh. good to know! I created my own one last night

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