40 pin smd connector

I am using 40 pin smd connector in my design. But i didn’'t find the footprint for such connector. I will be connecting wire strip from display to this connector.
Here is the link for more details.

If you plan to be serious about PCB design then you will always come to a point when you need to make your own footprints, symbols or other assets. The component you show is rather easy so it could be a good learning opportunity to make a footprint for it.

Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)? might be a good read especially as a footprint for a very similar component is made in it. (Not similar in the sense of the type of cable used but extremely similar from the footprints perspective)


Rene’s Footprint tutorial is very good / extensive, but he does not mention the “Footprint Wizards”.

If you start a Footprint with the wizards (Icon with the yellow star in the Footprint Editor) and use the “FPC (SMT Connector)” wizard you can draw the following connector in about 20s:

With these wizards you do not have to set up a separate manual grid for the pads, and you do not have to add the padds one by one on the user grid.
The generated Footprint can be further edited in the Footprint Editor.

Also remember: If you *&^%$#@! your newly generated footprint and [Ctrl+Z] does not work, it’s probably fater (and better) to start over and practice a bit more instead of trying to fix your damaged footprint.

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