4 port RJ45

As far as I can seem the default symbol library does not contain a 4 port RJ45, but the default footprint library does (RJ45_Amphenol_RJHSE538X-04).
Is it possible to map the pins of four of the basic default RJ45 symbol to the RJ45_Amphenol_RJHSE538X-04 footprint?

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Yes. You can make a “multi unit” out of a RJ-45 connector. This can give you as many as you want. This is also used for logic gates or opamps, which often have multiple symbols packed together into a single footprint.

I did this one years ago – may get you started:

J_modular_8P8C_quad_amp_5557562-1.kicad_mod (8.2 KB)

Thanks. I’m not sure I would have guessed at searching for the phrase “multi unit”.