[4.0.7] Opengl routing - undo last track break

Hi KiCaders,
Is there any way to undo last track break when in route mode?
Legacy canvas allowed to use BkSp to remove last break, but it’s not working in the OpenGL router. Is there any other hotkey with same function, or the only option is to leave Routing tool, select Select tool, delete last segment and re-route again?

This is the behaviour of the 4.0.7 version.
In the nightly version (to be v5) you can use Backspace to delete the last segment… but the program jumps to the Select tool right afterwards.

I prefer legacy behaviour by far.

Thanks for your input. I stick to 4.0.7 since i run production projects and I’m too scared to use nightlies for that purpose…
Hopefully with V5 the Devs will bring the “legacy” usability.
First of all, I prefer 100% manual routing (i.e. to have full control of where and how each individual trace is routed). The automagic of interactive router does not satisfy me (I especially don’t like if the track leaves the pad angled which is normal for the interactive router; the track must leave pad orthogonal and then the angle must be outside the pad; i know it’s aesthetiscs but it’s important to me).
Then the situation where I want to change my mind and quickly undo a break (or few breaks) is plain normal. And I’m still routing - so I expect the tool will stay in the right mode, not requesting me to change the tool in the middle of the job. It’s plain unnecessary PITA…
I fully understand that for the underlaying program logic routing and on-line editing are two different tasks, but in the end it is the user workflow which should be considered a priority for the UX, not the internal program workflow. Please please please Devs keep the KiCad in a way people will actually like to use it, and not swearing when using it!


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