3Hrs Download 1GB, Faster Download Option?


Download is very slow, took 4 hours to download 1GB , (Usually takes 20mins to download 2.9GB DVD image from other sites)
is it possible to provide faster download options ?

Thank You

Should the packagers start thinking about offering torrent downloads? I know I’d be willing to help seed. I already have a couple linux builds, libreoffice, and gimp that I seed.

I was thinking same, if they do, we can seed …

Note, I would suggest torrents in addition to the direct download. Some of us here do have metered internet connections, and torrenting for them would use up more of their allotment than direct download. But if more of the rest of us use torrents then the load on the servers (and mirrors, if any) could be lessened.

If I have time today (probably not, unfortunately) I’ll check through the bug reports (feature requests) on launchpad to see if this has been suggested before.

That’s a good idea. Torrent might help especially the peaks, i.e. when a new release is out.

Probably because I reported that the website was not updated to show 5.0.2-1 for a week and many people have just found the new release. It will be back to normal by next week

@davidsrsb But it continues to be an issue that users keep posting the file size as a significant problem.

There is simply no need for every user to have to keep downloading the 1 Gig file EVERY time a small update is made.

This really should have already been addressed quite some time past.

Has anybody made a wishlist bug requesting a smaller installer?
If not, make one :wink:

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Why not have a complete and app only installers… Also auto update service would be another method.

Totally agree on tihs. I had libraries cloned from github repo, and after update from homebrew they all replaced with bundled libs corrupting again my projects. Every update is a pain when libs are so tightly coupled to the executables.

My small 24/7 running linux server with 100 mbps uplink will be happy to help with the seeding.
Location: eastern Europe.

Your personal lib setup should not be overwritten by the installer. Unless you copied your personal setup into the system directory. Source: I have three clones of the lib in my user directory. Updating kicad does neither touch them nor deos it change the lib table pointing to them.

and that is why god invented night. :smiley:

Merry Christmas!

But its not Night for all ! :grin:

Merry Christmas !

No, my personal libs weren’t touched of course, but the fp-lib-table was rewritten. Also having couple gigabytes of redundant files is not exactly what I want on my laptop. And downloading 1 gb, just to unpack and erase it seems like a waste of traffic too. My proposal is to provide lib-free just executables version for upgrades.

The fp-lib-table inside your user profile was overwritten? That would be news to me.

The one in the system directory is only there for users to have a default library table to fall back to. It is not used by kicad under normal conditions.

Did you try the mirror?

The installation get larger because of 3D Model files mainly (other file are compression are very good rate), isn’t it? So should we have a option for have 3D Model download as it needed only? But doing this via git repository would be pointless, because it require to download the whole repository. If these are in SVN is it much simple to be distribute and download at correct revision… Just a though…


Did you try the mirror?

I tried, Both were slow , I used download Manager left it over night for download.