3Dshapes or model for 40 pin DIP male header?

Hi, anyone has a model of a 40 pin DIP male header like this one in the link?

I used now for rendering the normal pin headers, but those would not fit into a socket.

Any idea what I need to look for?

What are you looking for this footprint?

Footprint.zip (250.7 KB)
symbols.zip (55.5 KB)

Could help you… :thinking:
Up to you to check wrt manufacturer datasheet.

DIP_40pins_Socket_Male_Male_003.step (154.6 KB)



Awesome, thanks for that. Where did you get it from? Build it yourself?

Oh thanks… Now I struggle with the size I do have in my pcb design …

your variant is to small … it should be a .6" width version as the Chip which I am about to replace is the format (like the Z80A and 6502).

I think I did design my PCB to wide … hmpf… thanks for helping out.

  • The approximate 3D step Model, I’ve attached, is .600’/15,24 mm,
    (not the ‘large one’ you could have in mind ? e.g. 1’ /25.4mm, looking at KiCAD DIP library).

  • pins aligned on a 2.54mm pitch grid for “DIP packages”.

    step file opened with FreeCad (or any other 3D CAMD S/W one can be using).

The #Lutz_Muller’s one seems in-line with the 0.6’…?
Refer to the KiCad Package_DIP Library such as ‘DIP-40_W15.24mm_LongPad’, as an example

Probably for you, to revisit the way you intend to connect your Z80-DIP40 to your PCB('s)…???

Note: Could have also a look to https://www.mouser.fr/ProductDetail/Aries-Electronics/40-6625-20?qs=WIvQP4zGanh8BPwfCByTvg%3D%3D (similar to the CNC-Tech).



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