3DConnection denies KiCad Support despite KC7 official announcement

Just wanted to make sure which of the “official” versions actually applies. Thanks.

I think the term “works on windows and macos, where 3Dconnexion provides official support” (on the kicad-website) doesn’t says 3Dconnexion supports kicad, but 3Dconnexion provides official driver support for windows/Mac.

So I think both statements are correct, but have different meanings.

Thanks but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree, otherwise KiCad’s statement would be completely misleading and I don’t believe that they would do that.
I got 3DConnexion’s SpaceMouse because of KiCad’s announcement and so far the experience has been poor. I mean, for basic functionality any $25 3-button mouse would do the job, no need to pay 5x the price.
I need this to be officially clarified so I can make a decision on returning the mouse or not.

I mean, I guess the wording can be funny depending on english

The Kicad wording “contributed support” as in, they added code for it. Not that they actively provide customer support it and are being weird about it…after their own employee added the code and did it under their work email too.

I do see how this statement is worded a little off:

3dconnexion just doesn’t support Linux as a platform for anything which is what it really meant

Thanks again for the reply. The first part is fine.

That’s not what’s written there, you’re just re-interpreting it to make it work for you your argument.
What’s actually written there is that 3DConnextion provides official support on Win and MacOS for this integration, and that misled me, or fooled me I’m not ashamed to say, into believing that there was going to be official support.

So to wrap it up, is your post an official statement from KiCad? Because other people will be misled by that statement and I’d be surprised if you don’t get a letter from 3DConnextion’s legal team since you’re kinda telling people that 3DConnextion will support them.

We are as surprised by the 3dConnexion response as you are. We (the KiCad team) have had very little to do (other than checking code) with the implementation as it stands. It was conceived, designed and contributed by one of the 3dConnexion engineers (Add 3DMouse support to the 3D Viewer, pcb-editor, and the footprint browser views. (!845) · Merge requests · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab).

We are clarifying the official position with 3dConnexion. If they do not provide support then we will re-evaluate our use of it and will certainly update the blog post. At the time of the post’s writing, it was fully correct to the best of our understanding.

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That’s absolutely what’s written because I wrote it back in February 2022, lmao.

Thank you Seth.

lol that’s for sure what you meant, but as you said yourself “it’s worded a little off”. Thanks anyway. :+1:

I’m assuming Markus had the supported software list fixed cause it’s there now

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