.3DC files in C:\Users\Admin\Local Settings\kicad\3d

What are these files ? How to open them ?
The web says that they are Canvas files. I neither found any program to read them nor any site to view them online.
There is something like 1 GB of these files on my HD, If useless, is it safe to purge the directory ?

It’s 3d model cache. You can purge it but it will grow back up. You can reduce “3D cache file duration” setting in kicad to help with the size but if you have a large project that you open often it won’t help much.

Also don’t run kicad as admin, it’s bad practice to run any user app as admin.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I already have a .bat file cleaning the local\temp directory at the end of the boot, I’ll add some lines to clean the kicad cache every two weeks or month.

This. :point_up_2:
Though they may just be running their main user named “Admin” since that’s not the stock “Administrator” escalation account

KiCad may or may not refuse to run as admin in the future once the plugin manager is added if I have my way for added security.

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Only in 5.99 IIRC. ------

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