3D visualization in KICAD 7.0 is different from 6.0

Hello Community,
Until version 6.0 of KICAD, I used and still use a lot to visualize the project in 3D, mainly to make the enclosure compatible with the PCB. This way I use a lot the navigation visualizing internally between the PCB, components and the enclosure to know if mechanically everything is ok. See an example image below:

External Visualization:

Internal Visualization:

But now with version 7.0 of KICAD this feature is no possible. When trying to zoom in on the 3D image for a view with the maximum zoom, it is not possible. Zoom only goes to the outside of the enclosure. I can no longer navigate internally between the enclosure and the PCB.

This is a view as zoomed in as I can. That is, it is not possible to get close enough to stay between the enclosure and the PCB. The closest I can get is to the first surface of the enclosure.

If anyone knows any settings that adjust this facility I would appreciate it.

Thank You for now.

Try toggle orthographic projection. (The cube on the top, right of the blue arrows, which you have disabled in version 6 but enabled in version 7).


Dear Johannes,

Really something I haven’t considered. I only looked in the preferences settings and missed the obvious. Thank you very much.

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Actually, there was a change on camera zoom, not sure from v5 to v6 or v6 to v7 that removed a small translation on camera position (before it was zooming and moving forward, now it just zooms the angle of the view and doesn’t move).

I can view inside stuff, in Version 5 and Version 7.99 with orthographic projection disabled and can’t view inside stuff with orthographic projection enabled. So it works on both. I didn’t test 7.0 nor 6.0 since i don’t have them installed.

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