3D Viewer will not show ground fill when option "Show holes in zones" is selected

I hadn’t flipped my board in a while in the 3D viewer so I’m not sure what I did to cause this.
Using version 4.0.6.

The issue I have is that my ground fills fill just fine, but some of the fills on the bottom side don’t show.

In this first image, the option “Show holes in zones” is de-selected:

In this second image, the option “Show holes in zones” is selected:

As you can see, some of the fill is showing. And in pcbnew the whole fill is always showing.

Has to have something to do with holes, I guess?

Actually, also the GND pads of components are missing where the fill is also missing.

Let’s see if we can conjure up @maui.

Seems like there is probably a bug in the “Show Holes in Zone” setting:

Sorry I never found that thread. Maybe I have time to try and reverse my steps to find the real culprit.

sometimes it is needed to use Refill Zone in pcbnew to have the zones updated in 3d-viewer…

Mind this is related with Version 4 (that probably will not be updated again) as Version 5 is on the way

Would be possible to test your board with a nightly build?

Yes, maybe on a linux machine I have laying around. I usually bring my work laptop home but I have no admin rights so have to use the one portable version I found online.

Yes I’ve tried it, no go unfortunately.

So it definitely had something to do with another copper fill, also a ground fill on a different priority level and different constraints. I tried to jiggle the two fills in relation to each other and managed to make the fill appear/disappear in the 3D viewer with the jiggle of 0.1 mm in a given direction, but it really never gave me a clue to what was causing it.

It would be nice if you could test this in the nightly builds.
I do not recommend 3D Viewer for copper inspection as there may be issues or differences like this, proper inspection must be done with gerber viewer.

As a suggestion maybe you ca help kicad by simplify that overlap zones :stuck_out_tongue:

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