3D viewer light/camera location

I quite often end up using the 3D viewer to create simple top down “2D” pictures e.g. to clarify things with co-workers or for documentation. For this I usually use “Zoom to Fit”, enable orthographic projection. This gives me an exact top down view. “Flip the board” gives an exact bottom up view.

However, one thing I noticed is that lights camera/are such that I get quite some reflection at exactly this position, leading to a rather misleading color representation of the PCB etc.


Rotating by just 20° already gives quite a different color representation


Is there a way to position lights differently in the 3D viewer? Or any other way to avoid reflections from top down/bottom up views?

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No. In 5.99, the unstable development version, it’s possible to change the lighting for raytrace rendering.

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