3D Viewer component orientation

Please direct me in the right direction. Why are my components on the track side of the PCB and not the non copper side in the 3D view?


Because that is where you put them would be the obvious answer. :wink:

It sounds like you have through hole components and did your tracks on the front of the board? That would be red if you haven’t changed defaults I think. You probably didn’t switch to the back layer to do the tracks.

The minimum number of copper layers you can set in KiCad is 2. The only way in KiCad to make a one-layer PCB is to not draw copper on one of those layers.

If you want to manufacture your PCB’s at home, there still is some use for limiting yourself to single sided PCB’s, but manufacturers rarely make a distinction between single and dual layer PCB’s these days.

For a single layer PCB, you typically put the THT footprints on the top (which is the default), and you draw the copper on the bottom. (Which is not the default). You set the copper layer in the “Layers Manager” on the right side of Pcbnew.
Default for the Front copper layer is red, while the bottom copper layer is displayed as green in Pcbnew.


If you’ve drawn all your copper tracks on the front (Red) layer, and you want to move them to the bottom (Green), then you can do that with Pcbnew / Edit / Edit Track and Via Properties.

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Thanks guys, appreciate the Reponses. Yes, I am using through hole components. The tracks are in deed red! Good to know hermit

Gotta love KiCAD. Edit / Swap Layers ! For dummies like me Thanks Paulvdh, pointed me in the right direction

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