3D view option for unpopulated devices


In the 3D view preferences, it would be nice to have a preference option to exclude or include the unpopulated devices or the devices excluded of the BOM.

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Why an option ? if the device is not in the BOM what business does it have being on the PCBA ?


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Thanks for the prompt answer, it was the option I was looking for.



I was thinking when the design has “mechanical” bits that are listed in the BoM (so you remember to buy the things), but you don’t necessarily want to see them on the board.

I had a design with a LCD module. The part had to be included in the BoM. However, I didn’t want it to show up on the 3D render because it hid all the components underneath.

I ended up editing the footprint so the 3D model was about 70% transparent. It actually looked pretty good!