3D view of pin headers is skewed


I noticed that in the 3D view, the header pins for both the dual in-line, and single in-line header pins are rotated and translated so that the pins don’t align with the drilled holes in the PCB. See the screenshot below. Not a big deal, but I’m just wondering if there is an easy fix for that.

3D Pin Headers Exceeds 1GIG: If KiCad Includes, Will Be Over 2 Gig

You can edit the position but the first question is what version of Kicad are you using and are your libraries up to date?


The correct way to fix this is to update your models (and possibly your footprints) there are quite a few threads about how to do so


Oops, yes, I should have mentioned versions in my original post. I’m on v4.0.7 that I downloaded just the other week. If there is a separate way to check on the version number of the footprint libraries, I’m not sure how to do that.


Sorry, I should have also mentioned that those are the “default” footprints (i.e. “Pin_Headers:Pin_Header_Straight_2x07_Pitch2.54mm”, etc.). And that this project was started on another computer, with an older version of KiCAD (v4.0.6), but that machine went bad, and I’m now running on a new machine with 4.0.7. So I suppose if there is footprint caching, something like that could be an issue.


Yes that probably it :slight_smile: if you press E on the component you can change it from there :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks. I now see the tab to change the 3D rotation parameters.


I think that if you were to use the wizard and download a recent version of the Pin Headers 3D library that you would not have to change the rotation parameters.


main problem here is probably the footprint having the outdated parameters.
the new are 111 scale and rest is 0