3D View of PCB errors:

I can’t seem to figure out where I’m going wrong here. The board is 99% ready; but this error is worrying me.

I’ve tried editing the board, and all the components are within the board. I am however using an edge connector.

With high probability the board outline is not closed properly.


A similar error happens when a board is subdivided for vee-cuts


can you get us a screenshot of the edge.cuts layer by any chance @keitha ?

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Thank you for all the positive replies :o)

I think all the edges are connected (I’ve double checked). I’ve also tried butting up the board to the edge connector. But still getting the same error (different x,y points now). The connector is home brew. (cut down pci connector).

I’m using ‘Edge.cut’

As the message in the error, your edge cuts are not continuous. The points joint must be exactly the same. Mathematical the same.

Please check this two threads:


Ah right! So the numbers have to match and correspond? Doh! Sounds simple enough (I’m way use to auto connecting) :smile:

Thank you for your advice and time.

Yes, the segments (lines, arcs) must start on the same (mathematical) exact point where the other ends. The error message gives you where it found the next segment does not match.

If you are not able to find it and fix yourself I recommend that you draw it all again having in mind that it must be the exact same point.

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Looks like you want to export to Specctra ?

Is that an error, as in brick-wall, or is it saying it used a bounding box instead ?

Yes, you can also look at the kicad_pcb file for Edge.Cuts items, in your case just 4 for a simple rectangle, and confirm the ends are the same exact numbers. Text Edit as needed.
(eg an off grid edge can be harder to create edge-snapped)

No, it has nothing to do with Specctra. Historically the bounds calculating function was hacked into the Specctra code because that was a convenient place to put it at the time. So when a PCB is created for the 3DViewer, if the outline is not good you appear to get a message from the Specctra code.

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Ah, ok, (it did seem strange, given the finished comment)
So is that a ‘it-failed’ message, or does the code use a bounding-box as a substitute - the message wording is unclear on that ?

That’s the problem sorted :slight_smile: Just down to simple maths.

Thanks for all the help.

The dialog text can be improved. If the code fails to create a closed loop it will use a rectangular shape which is determined by the extreme points of features on each footprint and tracks - this includes any text on silk or PCB including invisible text.

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Sounds good, If it has a fall-back generate mode, then the wording certainly needs to be improved.
It could even be a warning, rather than an error, as the output sounds usable ?

Do those ‘extreme points of features’ include the Edge.Cuts that it tried to find a closed polygon for ?
If those points are included in the generated bounding box, that is likely to be very close to correct.

Should be an easy and fast test to find that one out? :wink:

No, all edge.cuts glyphs are skipped; after all they were the original source of problems.

I just hover the mouse over the edge cuts lines and select “E Edit Drawing”
This display each segment X and Y end points in mm or inches. Check that the board outlines sides are consistent so that the corners are closed properly