3D view extends board dims


Created a PCB with parts that have portions of the footprint model that hang over the edges of the board, a slide switch, and 2 connectors. When I go to 3D view, the board is shown bigger and the parts no longer hang over the edges as I intend them to when the board is populated. This is fine in most cases, but not if I’m using the 3D view as an example of WYSIWYG.

Are there settings in preferences somewhere that apply here? What I’d like is that the 3D view looked exactly like the board will look when manufactured and populated.



Do you have a valid outline in Edge.Cuts layer?


I don’t know. How do I validate that? Does this screen shot show that?

And here’s the 3D image…note that the switch slide, Jack switch body and pins of the J2 connector now are on the board instead of hanging over the edge like I planned…

And while I’m at it, here’s a screenshot of the back of the board where you can see the white outline of the original board:


It seems you have used the Margin layer for the board outline. Edge.Cuts is the right one.

(The outline must be continuous and non-self-intersecting. It means that each line end must be attached to exactly one other line end and the lines must not cross each other. Your rectangle is probably OK.)


EDIT: I think @eelik has this right

Your board is rectangular, which makes it easier to check. Verify that the starting and ending points of your Edge.Cuts line segments actually connect at the exact same point. Highlight each segment, and hit ‘e’ for properties.


I had drawn a margin instead of an Edge.cut. Then 3D view just put in its own board outline because of the lack of an Edge.cut.

So thanks all! Got it…


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