3D symbols moved, but not found


So i basicly moved the 3D library and i changed the path in Kicad settings to the correct folder but when i generate the 3D image i only see the board now.

Any ideas?

the 3d path is saved with the footprint files in the .pretty folders… I ran into the same problem… you need to find this part in each file:

(model “blahblah here”/LEDs/PLCC-4_transparent.wrl
(at (xyz 0 0 0))
(scale (xyz 0.394 0.394 0.394))
(rotate (xyz 0 0 90))

and remove the “blahblah” part. KiCAD then will use the 3dpath for the first bit.

PS: My 3d models are in subfolders (similar to the footprints being in subfolders), that’s why my path looks like that.

PPS: it should be possible to use notepad++ to do the find and replace on files in a folder, but make a copy of the footprint folder beforehand, as such automated manipulations can go wrong and there will be no do-overs

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hmm, the liberian’s should delete that part. i would help if i had acces.
For a user to do this is not practical as the library’s change all the time and it will be outdated before it would be merged.

Anyway thanks for explaining.

Did it work before?
Did you switch 3d models visible in the 3d viewer?
Why don’t you use local libraries, so you don’t have the problem anymore that the github repos can change all the time…?

Yes, i moved the library because i share it between computers.
Yes, they are switched on by default.
I dont use them because i dont see the point in maintaining and updating local libs, i only add some of my own, that is my only local lib. this one contains custom stuff.