3D Step File Different from 3D Viewer

I have setup my PCB within Kicad and given all of the components 3d models and everything looks great in the 3d viewer on Kicad. But when I export a step file and view in solidworks the model looks totally different basically has random components scattered everywhere but I do see the desired components are in the correct position… When I originally setup the Kicad project I had another board project file and pcb file located in the same folder, and it seems to be carrying this over somehow. The other board is called “connector board” and I can see that the unwanted and random components are referencing this board .

3d viewer from Kicad

Solidworks STEP model. There are no error messages given in the exportation process.
Screenshot hovering over a random component that should not be there shows it is referencing another board file I made. This is the view of the back of the board in contrast to the first image posted which is the front of the board.

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