3D Raytracing with transparent enclosures

I thought I would test some of my existing project with the 3D raytracer option turned on, as I have previously got some strange results, and we are in testing mode for the nighties before version 5:. The short story is that the raytracer works (although a bit “noisy” in part of the image), however I notice an optical phenomenon with transparent enclosures. My experience from underwater photography (and playing near the surface) tells me that the raytracer treats the enclosure as a solid transparent object that surrounds the circuit board as if the PCB was embedded in transparent plastic or enclusure filled with water. Like when looking at the bottom of a lake bed though a water surface at an angle, the PCB gets lifted and all components on it compressed vertically, appearing to be at a much shallower depth than it really is. The refraction though the thin plastic of the enclosure would not create such an effect.

Here are some comparisons, raytracer image first before the comparable OpenGL rendering. May be it is too much to ask that the raytracer can handle hollow objects, so I have not filed a bug report yet. I used the windows nightly from 2017-12-22 revision 3a74e5253 for these.

(the “dots” on the bottom are not artifacts but part of the internal bottom structure of the enclosure, although perhaps a bit optically enlarged).

It is perhaps even more apparent in this project, also notice the optical effect on the side of the enclosure:


The thread is old and transparency has been implemented.

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