3D Part Orientation

I have been able to figure out almost all of my issues so far. Is there a way to rotate the footprints to match up (SOT-23 Transistors). I also would like to flip the pin hedder to the other side and keep pin 1 as the square pad.


The fast way:
Open your sot-23 footprint with the library editor.
In the 3d settings tab, Set the angle.

The permanent way: align your footprint+3dpakage with Freecad and the fantastic StepUp macro.
You’ll need to spend some time but it is worth it.

In each case, save the footprint and reload it into your board.

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Thank You. I will try both methods. These are default parts from the library.

If you update to newest footprint and 3d models they are aligned with a properly scaled WRL and material properties and includes a step model

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I don’t think the 3d model is aligned wrong for this footprint.
@ngen33r flipped the footprint to the back side. If @ngen33r would turn over the board they will find that the silk markings for this connector are on the “bottom”. (Or on the side that is on the not visible side of the screenshot.)

This means simply soldering the connector on the “top” side will result in a mirrored pin order. (Compared to soldering it on the “bottom”.)
For this connector it does not matter because he can connect the wire header both ways. It is still bad practice.

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When I flip the part to the top side pin 1 (the square) is on the right side if I rotate. I need pin 1 on the left side with the legs facing down.

I agree it does not matter but it would still be nice to have the rendering match the final part. I do not want to swap pins in the schematic as that will be confusing. Pin 1 needs to be pin 1 not pin 12 in the schematic.

I did update with the latest GitHub libs.

What happens if you edit the 3d properties of the pinheader to 180 degrees on the Z axis?

Well think about it. If you flip anything from one side of the pcb to the other you either have the result of your screenshot (rotated around the long axis) or you have the result you described in the text (square on the other side, rotated around the short axis.)

The only option to get what you want (square on the left side and pin 1 on the left) is by mirroring the pin order of the footprint.
You can rotate the 3d part but this does the same as mirroring the pin order but it does it implicitly. (from the reference frame of the now rotated 3d part it looks like you mirrored the pin order.)

I am using the global libraries which seem to be direct from GitHub and read only. This is only my 3rd day using this software so I still have a lot to learn. Am I even doing his right? It seems better to use the online libraries as they will continue to be updated. I cannot set the 3D rotation without being able to write to the library. Can someone else place a SOT-23 BEC Transistor and see if theirs does not render in the proper rotation with the online library.

No, by far is better to copy the github libraries to your hard disc and work with local copies.

Furthermore, a future change of the github libraries will affect your old designs.
The local footprints and components can be modified.

This way, you will end with a collection of your own trusted footprints and components.

try this:
select the connector footprint
press E
select “3D settings” in the top
under “Shape Rotation (degrees)” set the Z to 180
if the connector doesnt sit right, change X and Y under “Shape Scale”

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Thank You for the input. I will lookup how to force it to use local libraries. The reason the pin hedder does not line up is due to the fact of the person that designed the footprint prefers pin 1 to be on the top right side, I prefer it to be on the top left.

A useful step by step description by @bobc

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