3D objects with the same name leads to weird behavior in SolidWorks

When importing in SolidWords different STEP files with some items with the same name, it replaces the older ones with the latest one.


  1. import in SolidWorks the first STEP file. It has an item name “SOLID” and it’s rendered correctly:

  1. import another STEP file (a different Kicad project) that contains another item (a different 3D model) but with the same name “SOLID”. As you can see SolidWorks has replaced the connector with an IC because this is the 3D model called “SOLID” in the last file loaded.

I tried in FreeCAD and I don’t see any issue.
I’m not sure if this is related to Kicad or to SolidWorks.

Is there a quick fix for this?
Opening all the 3D models and assign a unique name to each items seems an overkill to me…

This is Solidworks. I got bitten by this a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any fix other than making the names unique.If you can use the KicadStepUp FreeCAD workbench to make the STEP model, it will add unique suffixes to everything, instead of you having to do it by hand.


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