3D models not working

Hello, I had an older version of KiCad working on my desktop; yesterday I downloaded the latest version( 5.1.6-1) For some reason, the 3D ( show 3d Footprint) is not showing the 3d footprint at all. It displays the solderpads, but no 3D model. The settings in the 3D display options are all set except for the bounding boxes.

I have installed it also on my laptop yesterday( fresh intallation) and that works fine , showing 3D models.

so, this morning, I removed as much as possible from the registry and installed KiCad again. no difference.
Does anyone have clue? what can I do to repair this?


Rob, you don’t give many clues.
Operating system?
Is the older version v4.0.x, v5.0.x or v5.1.x?
Where are the 3D libraries stored?
Are the paths to the 3D models well cofigured in the footprint 3D field?
Are you talking about the layout or the footprint editor?

A screenshot would help too.

One of the first things to do is to verify if the 3D models are actually on your system. Then try to follow the path from the link to a 3D model in the footprint properties.
Is the environment variable set properly?
Does it point to the right sub directory?
Are the files accessible from your user account, etc.

Hello Pedro,
The OS is Win10. I cant say what the older version was; best guess is 6 months old.

I work in the schematic; whning the footprint library browser, I see no 3d packages at all. different from my laptop where it shows on the right column the packages I can choose from.

It is a standard installation; have not modified anything to paths or so. not sure if you can see the screenshots. regards, rob

Start with looking with a file browser, if the 3D files are actually installed. On Linux systems the 3D models are sometimes an optional package. With Windows this is usually not the case, but you should check it anyway.

Hello Paul, this is the path I see:

So they seem to be there. Also the path 3MOD is pointing there.

Not every footprint has a model present. Check if the one you look at really exists as a 3d model.

hello Rene, Even resistors 0603 and 0805 and so show no 3 model. it must be a windows thing or a mix up with the previous version. while the installer does not remove all old stuff.

Most likely you had v4 installed. See this faq entry


Hello, Followed the faq and removed manually all the LIbs. and reinstalled them with the preference tool. that works! thanks.


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