3D models not showing


There is no 3D model because the librarians have not found a model for this component or the one they have found has not enough quality.
The path is there ready for the future, when someone make the model.


Thanks for the info.


I have same problem after upgrade from kicad v4 to kicat v4 on ubuntu 18.04. There was problem with local kicad configuration stored in /home//.config/kicad/ in my case.
3D components were named in plural in version 4, but from version 5 components names are in singular form (like Resistors vs. Resistor). Here is configuration greped by string “Resistors”:

@bobek:~/.config/kicad$ grep Resistors *
fp-lib-table: (lib (name Resistors_SMD)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Resistors_SMD.pretty)(options “”)(descr “Resistors, surface mount”))
fp-lib-table: (lib (name Resistors_THT)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Resistors_THT.pretty)(options “”)(descr “Resistors, through hole”))
fp-lib-table: (lib (name Resistors_Universal)(type Github)(uri ${KIGITHUB}/Resistors_Universal.pretty)(options “”)(descr Experimental))

So, my solution was to remove/backup old configuration and new one was created at next kicad application start.

Next problem is with existing projects, because symbols are assigned to footprints with plural names (like “Resistors_SMD:R0805”), so I reasigned all symbols to non plural footprint in dialog “Assigning BCP footprints to schematic symbols” (like “Resistor_SMD:R0805_2012Metric”).

From that moment were components visible in 3D view.