3d model toroidal inductor?

I’m looking for a 3d library for the toroidal inductor footprints. If an online library exist containing such 3d models please let me know.
It isn’t highly important but I was just wondering.
Thanks in advance.

Footprints for PCB (and Symbols for Schematic) are easy to make and there are plenty of Posts on making them.

The 3D-Viewer is useful only for Graphic/Photo representation and if exporting PCB for use in CAD for hardware design…etc

Attached is a 10mm Dia Toroid that may be of use… for linking to the Footprint you make… I use a Dumb-Footprint (myFPxxx) shown below for testing and that is what I linked it to for this example

Toroid_10mm.step (280.6 KB)
my_Toroid_10mm.kicad_mod (1.4 KB)

EDIT: Spent a few moments to polish-up a Footprint, attached. You can refine it’s positioning as I just threw it together…

Thank you for the model.
Do you want to be credited as the creator of it If I use the model in a design of mine which I purplish?

Oops! I used and posted the wrong footprint/model…

Below is a Toroidal file… I did not bend the wires for THT (I’m tied the balance of the day so, if wanting them bent, I can do that tomorrow - let me know if wanting it…).

I did replace the Step file with the one below and attach Footprint (though, you should learn how to change the Steps and WRL model in footprints…).

You may want to Rename one of the Footprints as desired… and, models too, but will need to change them in the Footprint link to model… I apologize for the oversight… blunder

No credit needed… but, thanks for the consideration…

Toroid_Ind.step (2.0 MB)
my_Toroid_10mm.kicad_mod (1.4 KB)

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Not to belabor this - I just want to wrap-up with the following…

The Toroidal-Coil Footprint and STEP files I previously posted are OK for playing around/use but, I wanted to improve them because the coil was created using Circular-Array (in FreeCAD) - this results in some graphic discontinuity in the Coil.

For fun, I took a different approach and installed two Macros in FreeCAD (‘Parametric Curve FP’ and ‘3D Parametric Curve’) they both enable good Coil making. Like Kicad, it takes a few minutes to figure out the tools and best approach…

When done, the Coils are unified/contiguous. I added two Legs for (THT, SMD, etc) and left the finer-details of good-looking attachments to the Coil for another day (I could have modeled some Solder for connections but…).

I didn’t spend much time on spacing the Legs - a real coil will have bendable wires… so, not too important as User’s can tweak footprints/pad/etc…

I exported a STEP from Kicad and they look good. I also loaded the PCB using KSU/StepUp Workbench (in FreeCAD) and it also looks good…

Horizontal and Vertical Footprints/STEPs are below…

Coil_Toroid_14mm_Horz.kicad_mod (7.2 KB)
Coil_Toroid_14mm_Vert.kicad_mod (4.1 KB)

Coil_Tweak1.step (2.9 MB)

Shown in FreeCAD loaded with KSUStepUp

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I will credit you if I use the footprints in a pcb I publish. Unless you don’t want to be credited.

Either way… doesn’t matter to me.

I tweaked the cuts and attachments of the straight wire(s) and added a recess on the Dowel… for fun but STEP file not posted… (if you want it, let me know…)