"3D Model Selector" views the model fine but cannot be seen on the PCB


I am trying to download some models from 3DContentCentral.com. I have downloaded a heatsink model, opened it up with FreeCAD, saved it as VRML file and imported it in KiCad with great success! It shows up on my PCB just fine…

However, with this inductor model, I repeat the same procedure and it shows up in the “3D Model Selector” window. However, whenever I add it to the PCB, it doesn’t show up in the “Footprint Properties” window nor in the 3D viewer…

My KiCad version is R7176.679eef1-x86_64

Here are some screenshots showing and not showing the model… You can see that the heatsink model shows up just fine!

What’s your KIPRJMOD variable set to? Have you tried entering an absolute path to the model with “Edit Filename” in the 3D viewer?

There is likely a problem with the scaling of the VRML model. If the program which exported the VRML file uses 1VRML Unit = 1m (as per specification) then you will need a scale factor of 393.7

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If you got FreeCAD mastered for model conversion get StepUP from @maui and you will have the footprint in FreeCAD from KiCAD to help with alignment/size/position before you export it to VRML.

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