3D model of 3.5mm screw terminals

That page doesn’t contain the search term you’re suggesting, I didn’t see a search form, and I don’t understand Spanish so can’t continue from there.

I prefer to make my own 3D models of parts (though I do use several stock one’s).
Easy to do in KiCad but it does take a few minutes to get a handle of the process and figure out tricks for shortcomings.

Below is a Screw Terminal (for M2 2.5 screw). I modeled it in FreeCad.
I did Not use Stepup so, I adjust the Scale when loading it into KiCad.
The scale is 0.1inch/2.54mm = 0.394. However, I round-up to 0.4 (loss is thickness of two human hairs and is only a Graphic representation, not an actual part of the PCB).

The Video below shows how I do it and contains a need to Re-Do the loading (not sure if it’s a Bug or me, but, it works well enough for me).

The Process:
• Build the Cad Model, export Step and Wrl (not part of the video)
• Place files in desired Folder
• Start a New Footprint (can include Pad, NPTH hole, Silk, etc)
• Pull-down menu and select Properties
• Set File locations (this is the Redo portion, mentioned above)
• Scale and position it as needed.

The Screw Terminal part is attached:
Terminal_Screw_M2.5.step (376.9 KB)
Terminal_Screw_M2.5.wrl (3.8 MB)

Man that page rings a bell. I think some of the v4 models came from there. We threw them out as they do not fit the current requirements. (we now require a step model and the wrl model scaled correctly)

I just had a bit of time. Phoenix has step files for their MKDS terminal blocks. Example https://www.phoenixcontact.com/online/portal/de?uri=pxc-oc-itemdetail:pid=1985836&library=dede&tab=1&requestType=product&productId=1985836 (search for MKDS, select your pin pitch, select your pin count, select a product, go to downloads)


Why are there two different kinds of 3D models (.step and .wrl)?
What kind does FreeCAD make ?
From what I read here, I surmise that any isotropic scaling of a 3-D model
must be done while creating the model in FreeCAD, not after.

TlDr: wrl is for your marketing guy, step for your fellow engineer.

With stepup both

Not while crating it. While exporting, it. and only the wrl model needs scaling (when created from freecad. If you make it in an imperial based software then you might not need to scale it.)

FreeCad can export many file types.
Without the Stepup Plugin, just use the typical export method.

Scaling of the part in KiCad is done when loading the 3D model.
Exporting from Stepup eliminates that extra step.

I prefer not using Stepup because (AFIK) colors of individual elements is not supported.

The video has problems and too small for use (sorry).

Screenshots below show the part loaded on PCB and 3D View. I recently made these parts and they show color as done at design time…

Colours is one of the strong parts of stepup. You however need to colour the original model. (you don’t even need to use realistic colours within freecad. Just have a unique colour for every resulting colour. You will be asked at the export step which colours to assign to which freecad colour)

I will work on it.
I did color the models in two ways:

  1. via coloring the Faces.
  2. via coloring individual Bodies

That was done on the part and exported.
What I did NOT do was Import the exported Step file into Stepup… Is that part of the process (I have not yet read the info on Stepup so, It’s totally my ignorance…

Thank you Rene, that was exactly what I was looking for! Fits my layout perfectly and gives a much more realistic impression of the complete thing. And I noticed I need to adjust some spaces of nearby components. :slight_smile:

… and my thanks, as well.
I imported the Step back into StepUp and changed the colors (and materials) as normally done in FreeCad. Then, exported.

I have read recently. I really don’t know FC.
From KiCadStepUp to do what you wont you need only one button to use:Btn

In FC I have a problem how to get multi color element.
From my first question about it at FC forum my conclusion was:
In FC 0.18 it is not possible in PartDesign - you have to use Part.
In FC 0.19 it is possible in both WB, but I don’t wont to install nightlies.
I was reading a lot about PartDesign and nothing about Part so I started to read about Part.
I noticed some discussion about Part - PartDesign at FC forum and asked there.
I have got the file:
Capacitor_10uF.FCStd (36.0 KB)
And was told it is made with PartDesign.
That file has everything I need but I can’t get myself the tree structure like in it (this is first time I am trying to do anything in FC starting with File-New). I can get a tree like in that file after I select in it a Fusion and delete it. So I have some my name with the same icon as capacitor and 3 bodies under it. Bodies names ar the same so I suppose I get them the same way.
My problem - how to add these Fusion in the structure over this bodies.
It is the last bit of information I need to use FC to make 3D element model, I think.
I have asked yesterday at FC forum thread I got that file but no unswer yet.
May be here someone will help.

I use 3dcontentcentral.com as a source for 3d models, but can’t readily find screw type terminal blocks 3.50-4P.
Here you have 2-way version: https://www.3dcontentcentral.com/Download-Model.aspx?catalogid=171&id=499098
You should be able to use two of these side by side for each 4-way footprint to get your job done.

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Many App’s, have a host of embedded programs (plugins…) and not all play well together, e.g., exporting the same filetype from PartDesign, Part and Draft does not necessarily produce the same file output.

Having said that…

The Workbench, PartDesign is the closest thing to using SolidWorks, ProE and Inventor.

The Workbench Part is like 3D modeling programs embedded in 3D-Print software, in that the main tools are Boolean objects/shapes.

I use PartDesign and, when needing to, because of shortcomings, I’ll use Part, Draft and other Workbenches.
Just started using the Stepup workbench.

Colors in FreeCad can be done in at least two ways:
• If the model is comprised of a single Body with multiple elements, I select the Faces I want to color and use the face coloring tool in Part workbench (though I built the part in PartDesign workbench).
• If the model is comprised of multiple bodies, I change the color of the body.

I made/use Pin Blocks with 2 and 4 pins.
Loaded into a pcb for the 3D view below.

Since this aspect of KiCad is only graphic representation, I don’t care a hoot about detailed accuracy as I never use the graphic.
I Mill my PCB’s so, I care more about reasonable accuracy of part dimensions but, 0.1mm = 0.004inch = thickness of One Human Hair. So…

Very simple to make.
Many videos on Youtube and Help at FreeCad’s Forum…

4_PIN_Block.step (288.9 KB)

I tried coloring faces but my colors were lost when saved the file:
Such colored part when exported by StepUp also lost its colors (have only one color).
Don’t know what is face coloring tool in Part WB. Thanks - now I know what to serach for.

My today state: I know how to color the body, I know how to have few bodies in PartDesign. But my file with few bodies can’t be exported to KiCAD using StepUp because StepUp asks for selecting a single element to export. The file I atteched previously can be exported thanks to bodies being combined by Fusion (StepUp accepts exporting Fusion). I don’t know how to insert such Fusion. My tries with Boolean operation in PartDesign didn’t got me the result like in that file.

stepup has a union option (or use the one from the part workbench, note i wrote part not part design.)

Re: Faces
• In my FreeCad (v17) when exporting, I select filetype: Step with Colors

Re: Selecting what/how to export
• Depends on several things - too lazy to type it all.

  • It can be the Body’s name or the last body-feature in the tree-list of bodies.
  • It can be a combination. They will highlight when selected.
    (see image below)


@Rene_PoschlWhat does “TlDr:” mean?
Can anybody recommend a tutorial for FreeCAD ?

Too Long Didn’t Read. Also sometimes written as TL;DR.

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From StepUp I used only one button till now - ‘Export 3D Model to KiCad’.
I understand you that it is something which can help to make one model from two Bodies and then export it to KiCad. Getting orientation in StepUp is probably relatively easy for people skilled in FC. For someone (like me) who makes his first tries in FC and never before used any 3D software everything is generally complicated (speaking gently).

I already know enough to put special attention to notice if someone writes about part or part design :slight_smile:
After my asking at FC forum my conclusion was that probably using Part I will be able get what I wont, but as people are saying that it is also possible in PartDesign and my previous decisions was to rather use PartDesign and not Part I am trying to find how to do it in PartDesign.
I just understood that those file was done using PartDesign and trying to get myself the file with the same tree structure. I made the short look into Part and my impression was that boolean function are there for 2 elements only (but not sure - never tried to use Part). The boolean operation in PartDesign allows to add several Bodies to them one by one (I didn’t do many experiences - busy with other works), but I never succeeded with more than 2 Bodies. As in the file there is Fusion of 3 bodies it suggests me to use PartDesign to get Fusion of 3 Bodies.
I also read that it is not good idea to mix Part and PartDesign in one file.

Generally I managed to work for years without using 3D tools. When I needed to order the injection mould for designed by me plastic case I just made the 2D technical drawing of parts of case (took me 1 or 2 days) and send it to injection mould manufacturer. Now since 2 months I read everything I can found about FC and a stack of undone tasks horrify rises. I think my interest in FC should be classified as a hobby :slight_smile: